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Create a Google Document in Google Docs

Search for previously created documents

You can search for a specific document by typing into the search bar at the top of the Google Docs application and hitting enter.

Google docs will search the titles and content of all of your documents for matching results.

Share and collaborate

Google Docs lets you easily collaborate with others on documents in real time.

You can work at the same time, or individually, but all changes made to a document are saved and displayed whenever you open your document in Google Docs.

To track changes to a document choose File > See Revision History

For more on Sharing and Collaboration See Google Docs Helps for Sharing and Collaboration.

Downloading Documents as a Microsoft Word or PDF document

Uploading a Google Doc as an Assignment Submission

Uploading a Google Doc as an Assignment Submission with a Mobile Device


Organize your Google Doc files in Google Drive

Insert a Google Drawing into your Google Document.

You can use Google Drawing to create graphics for your Google Document. While inside of a Google document: