Recommended Browsers

Recommended Browsers and Settings

Chrome 70+ (Mac + PC)

Click here to download Google Chrome

Firefox 60+ (PC)

Click here to download Mozilla Firefox

Firefox 60+ (Mac)

Click here to download Mozilla Firefox

Safari 11+ (Mac)

Safari comes pre-installed on MacOS (Mac only)

Download a Compatible Browser

If your web browser is not listed here, please install and use one of the browsers listed above for the best experience with the LAPU Course Portal. Google Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers for LAPU courses.

Browser Configuration

The LAPU Course Portal is most compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. You may not be able to access all features in every browser. Google Chrome and Firefox have been tested as the most compatible browsers and therefore they are the recommended browsers for the LAPU Course Portal.

Please disable pop-up blocking software you may have installed on your computer or pop-up blocking features that you may have enabled in your browser while using the LAPU Course Portal. Please note that some additional browser tool bars that you may have installed can also act as pop-up blockers. These could include the Yahoo toolbar, Google toolbar, Bing toolbar and more. Please check to see if your browser has any of these, or other tool bars that may block pop-ups, installed and disable their pop-up blocking feature while using the Course Portal.

If you are experiencing problems viewing your course or it's content, first be sure you are using one of the web browsers listed above. If you are using one shown above, please ensure that your browser is configured as listed.