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Create a Presentation with Google Slides

Search for previously created Presentations

You can search for a specific Document by typing into the search bar at the top of the Google Slides application window and hitting enter.

Google Slides will search the titles and content of all of your presentations for matching results.

Share a link to your Google Slides presentation for others to view

Google Slides presentations begin as private files that only you can view. You have to update the share settings to allow others to see your presentation. To share a link to your Google Slides presentation:

Share and collaborate on a single Google Slides presentation

Google Slides lets you easily collaborate with others on documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, in real time.

You can work at the same time, or individually, but all changes made to a presentation are saved and displayed whenever you open your presentation in Google Slides.

To track changes to a presentation choose File > See Revision History

For more on Sharing and Collaboration See Google Slides Helps for Sharing and Collaboration.

Download Google Slides presentations as Microsoft Powerpoint or PDF Documents

Insert an image into your Google Slides presentation

To add an image to your presentation:

Insert a video into your Google Slides presentation

Google Slides allows you to embed a YouTube videos directly in your presentation. If you are wanting to link your own video you must first upload it to YouTube to get the url which you will use in step 4. See YouTube Helps for greater assistance.

You can add links to videos on other sites than YouTube by creating a link to the video.

When a viewer clicks on the link it will automatically open the video or video page in a new tab or browser window. 

Upload a Google Slides presentation to an assignment submission

Upload a Google Slides presentation to an Assignment Submission with a Mobile Device


Organize your Google presentation files in Google Drive