Technology Requirements

An LAPU Account with GoogleApps and GoogleDocs Workspace

You will be able to create and share text documents, presentations and spreadsheets in your own Google Drive workspace, using the free Google applications that come with your LAPU email account at (opens in a new browser window). 

After logging-in with your LAPU email username and password, your web browser will display a Gmail page. Select the  icon at the top right of the Gmail page and select Drive from the menu.

Once in the Google Drive page, you will be able to import or create text documents, presentations, forms and spreadsheets by choosing any of those options when you select the New button on the left side of the page. You can find links to help for Using Google Drive in the Helps page under the Course Home menu in any course.

Utility Programs

Acrobat Reader® for viewing and printing PDF Documents.

Computer Speakers

Computer speakers for listening to audio or video content and for engaging in online meetings.

Computer Microphone

Computer microphone (usually built-in to most laptops) for communicating during online meetings.

Optional Software