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What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is an online storage and file system which lets you create folders and organize your Google documents, slides, sheets, drawings, and personal files. With your LAPU Google Drive Account you have an unlimited amount of storage space to store all of your Los Angeles Pacific University assignments.

Upload a Microsoft Office document or large file to Google Drive to share with others

Sometimes file-size limitations prevent you from uploading a file in an assignment. Because you have unlimited storage with Google Drive you can upload a large file to Google drive and share a link to it with others.

To upload a file:

To share a link to an uploaded file:

Create folders and organize your files online with Google Drive

To create a folder within the Google Drive app,

Search for your Google Apps files in Google Drive

You can search for a specific file you've created by typing keywords into the search bar at the top of the Google Drive app and hitting enter.

Google Drive will search the titles and content of all of your files for matching results.

Create a new Doc, Sheet or Slide Presentation from Google Drive

When in the Google Drive application: