Create a Narrated Presentation

Use VoiceThread to Add Audio to Your Presentations

To add audio to your presentations, LAPU uses Voicethread. You will be uploading your completed presentation to and recording audio commentary to accompany each slide. In addition to creating the Voicethread audio commentary, you will also be required to submit a PDF version of your presentation including the slide notes which you should use to create the transcript of your presentation commentary.

A. Create Your Presentation and add a script for your presentation to the slide notes.

  1. Use a presentation software like Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint to develop the content for each of your slides.
  2. Add Slide notes to your presentation which will become your presentation audio commentary.
  3. Download a PDF of your slide notes which is required with your presentation submission. How to save your slide notes as a PDF

B. Create audio narration using Voicethread and share it in your submission

  1. Register for a VoiceThread Account if you don't already have one. How to Register for a VoiceThread Account
  2. Create a new VoiceThread presentation. How to Create a VoiceThread Presentation

⚠️ What to do if you've reached your VoiceThread Limit

  1. Upload your presentation into VoiceThread. How to upload a presentation to VoiceThread
  2. Add Audio Commentary to your VoiceThread presentation referencing your slide notes. How to Add Audio Commentary to Your Uploaded Presentation

C. Create a link to your narrated presentation and upload it with your PDF slide notes

  1. Create a link to share your VoiceThread presentation. How to Create a Link to Share Your VoiceThread Presentation
  2. Upload the PDF of your slide notes and share the link to your VoiceThread presentation in your Assignment submission area.