Create a Narrated Presentation

NOTICE: Our suggested narrated presentation software, Loom, recently removed free educational accounts for new students. If you already have a Loom account, you can continue to use it for the Fall 1 term. For those without a Loom account, you can use the Vimeo instructions below or any screen recording tool you prefer such as Zoom or Screencast-O-Matic. If you use another tool, please upload your screen recording to YouTube and share a link to your video and be sure that the privacy is set to public or unlisted. Check back in Fall 2 for updates on narrated presentations.

Use Vimeo to Create Narrated Presentations (Requires Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)

A. Create Your Presentation and add a script for your presentation to the slide notes.

  1. Use presentation software like Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint to develop the content for each of your slides.

  2. Consider using slide notes for your presentation which will become your presentation audio commentary.

B. Sign up for Vimeo

  1. Register for a Vimeo account if you don't already have one.

    • On the Join Vimeo page use Join with Google.

    • Use your LAPU email credentials to sign up.

C. Install Vimeo Record Extension

  1. Navigate to the Chrome Web Store and install the Vimeo Record extension.

  2. After installing the extension, navigate to the Screen Recording page and select Start Screen Recording.

  3. The extension should show automatically in the upper-right of your browser.

D. Record Your Video

    1. Record your first video by choosing your capture mode:

      1. Screen: record your screen with audio only

      2. Camera: record just your face and audio

      3. Both: record your screen, camera, and audio (use this option for narrated presentations)

    2. Select Full Screen and make sure your camera and microphone are listed.

    3. Select Start recording.

    4. Start the recording by selecting the red Record button. When you are done recording select the Stop button.

    5. A popup will appear with a preview of your video. Re-title the video and check that the video is set to unlisted.

E. Submit your video

  1. Copy the link to share your video

  2. Navigate to your assignment page

  3. Submit your video link to share it with your professor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can view my video?

Only people who you share your video link with can see your video. Your videos are not searchable in online search engines unless you set your video to public.