Upload PowerPoint Presentation to Google Drive

Upload PowerPoint Presentation to Google Drive

Google Docs allows you to upload a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation which then can be converted to a Google Docs Presentation, thus allowing for collaboration. 

Follow these steps to share your video with your instructor and fellow students: 

Note: The file will remain as a PowerPoint file in Google Drive. If you would like to convert the file for Google Slides, select File > Save as Google Slides.

Click here for more information on uploading files to Google Drive.

Share Your Presentation from Google Drive via a Link

A. Set visibility option to anyone with the link can view

B. Send the link to a shared file

Click here for more information on sharing files with Google Drive.

Collaborate on a file in Google Drive

To collaborate on a presentation once it has been uploaded you will need to convert the file in Google Drive first. Then share the presentations with your collaborators by clicking "Share" and entering their email addresses. When you share the presentation make sure to select "Can edit." By doing so you have given them access to edit the presentation itself. 

Real Time Collaboration

If other people are editing a presentation simultaneously with you, you'll see their names at the top of the page. You'll also be able to chat with other viewers and collaborators in View presentation mode (available in the upper-right corner of the edit page).

Click here for more information on collaborating on a document in Google Drive.